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LH640 can be heard on an LP and on a CD.

The first recordings of LH640 were released on an LP (Deroy 1456), with all arrangements being made by Arthur Prinsen. The organ was then in Turner's Merry-go-round-collection. Probably due to a printing mistake, one tune ("Release me") is missing on the record.

Deroy 1456: A: Blaze away (A.Holzmann)
    Cruising down the river (E.Beadell-N.Tollerton)
    Hello Dolly (J.Herman)
    Les patineurs (E.Waldteufel)
    Great little army (K.J.Alford)
    Pennsylvania polka (L.Lee-Z.Manners)
    Colonel Bogey (K.J.Alford)
B: 76 trombones (M.Wilson)
    Ma, he's making eyes at me (C.Conrad-S.Clare)
    Is it true what they say about Dixie (I.Caesar-S.Lerner-G.Marks)
    Abschied der Gladiatoren (H.L.Blankenburg)
    Gold und Silber (Fr.Lehár)
    California, here I come (J.Meyer-B.DeSylva- A.Jolson)
    Folies Bergère (P.Lincke)

Deroy 1456
Deroy 1456

LH640 also plays three tunes on a CD with recordings of the different instruments in the Turner-collection (Sovereign SOV007CD). The arrangements were (very probably) made by Arthur Prinsen.

Sovereign SOV007CD: The Stripper (D.Rose)
Can-can (J.Offenbach)
My blue Heaven (G.Whiting/W.Donaldson)
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