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Three LP's of LH518 "Senior" have been commercially available: these were re-released several times, with different covers. All recordings of this organ were made in the workshop of Romain Charles Hooghuys in Zeebrugge; also, all arrangements (except one) are from his hand. Typical for all arrangements is the frequent (ab)use of the ability of the organ to repeat notes very quickly.

On the covers, there's often a different city name on the organ than "Grammont": whenever Romain Charles went to play with the organ, he had the habit of placing a wooden plate on the organ with the name of the city where he was playing.

Some titles or composers' names are misspelled or simply incorrect on the covers; below are given the correct details.

The first record ever to appear of LH518 was Decca LPD269-X (345); the repertoire on this LP is actually 'typically Flemish'. The record was later reissued as Omega LPX469.

Decca LPD269-X (345):
[Omega LPX469]
A: Kom Karlinneke (A.Spahn-H.Christiné)
    Op de purp'ren hei (A.Preud'homme)
    Zichem boven (A.Van Steyvoort-F.Rover)
    Aan het Noordzeestrand (A.Kranig-A.Van der Meer)
    She's flattering you (Edm.Hooghuys)
    Aan het strand stil en verlaten (Postena)
    Hop-la (R.Ch.Hooghuys)
B: Het plekje bij de molen (J.Van Laar)
    Piepken (J.Gilbert)
    Drink drink (W.Lindemann)
    O Donna Clara (J.Petersburski)
    Een wals met grootmamaatje (J.Baltel-A.Padou)
    Que sera sera (J.Livingstone-R.Evans)
    Tot wederziens (E.Storch-H.Langerak)

Decca LPD269-X
Decca LPX269-X

The second LP of LH518 (Vega LPX466) contains French-style repertoire. This record was also released as "Orgue de foire No.3" on Vega 16.300 in the "Coccinelle Variétés"-series with on the cover a photo of … the French Limonaire organ "De Turk"!
An interesting tune on this LP is "Franz": Jacques Brel asked Romain Charles to arrange this tune (together with a waltz, tango and fox) for use in his movie of the same name (1972). The organ actually played the tunes in the movie! The waltz from the movie was also released on the A-side of Barclay single (61.567 L); the instrumental version is on the B-side of this single.
The tune "Au fou volant" (composed by Charles Demaele, the leader of a once famous accordion duo) was one of the first arrangements by Marc Hooghuys.

Vega LPX466:
[Vega 16.300]
A: Ça c'est Paris (J.Padilla)
    Que sera sera (J.Livingstone-R.Evans)
    La petite tonkinoise (V.Scotto)
    Ne m'oubliez pas (D.Belleflamme)
    Etoile des neiges (F.Winkler)
    Pardon (R.Birgé)
    Valse brune (G.Krier)
    Au fou volant (Ch.Demaele)
B: Franz (J.Brel)
    La plus belle valse d'amour (D.Olivieri)
    Get out and under the moon (C.Tobias)
    Voulez-vous danser grand-mère (J.Baltel-A.Padou)
    O Donna Clara (J.Petersburski)
    Granada (J.Garcia)
    La matchiche (Ch.Borel-Clerc)
    Viens poupoule (F.Spahn-H.Christiné)

Vega LPX466
Vega LPX466

The third LP (Discostar D.S.T. 20.001) also contains French repertoire. The quality is less good than that of the other records, partially because of an overmodulation. The LP wasn't meant to be issued abroad, but it did appear in Great Britain as Joys 200, with a picture of the Amsterdam fair on the cover.

Discostar D.S.T. 20.001:
[Joys 200]
A: Zaza (R.de Buxeuil)
    Diabolo (B.Schott-J.Paans)
    Marche des petits pierrots (A.Bosc)
    Zand-zand (Die Gigerlkönigin) (P.Lincke)
    Folksong medley (misc.)
    Murmures de la forêt (V.Soulaire)
B: Radetschky Marsch (J.Strauss sr.)
    Sous les ponts de Paris (V.Scotto)
    La tourterelle (E.Damaré)
    Roses de France (J.Martin)
    Quand Madelon (C.Robert)
    Schottische 1900 (?)

Discostar D.S.T. 20.001
Discostar D.S.T. 20.001

There also exist two 45rpm-singles (Discostar D.S.T. 2026 and 2027) of LH518:

Discostar D.S.T. 2026: A: Zaza (R.de Buxeuil)
B: Diabolo (B.Schott-J.Paans)
Discostar D.S.T. 2027
Discostar D.S.T. 2027:

A: Radetschky Marsch (J.Strauss sr.)
B: Roses de France (J.Martin)

Discostar D.S.T. 2027

Recordings were made for a fourth recording of the "Senior", but it was never commercially released. Only two copies are extant, with a label (Parsifal) without number but an engraved matrix number on the record; both copies are in possession of members of the Hooghuys family. The reason why the record was never released, is unknown. You can download part of a tune on this record on the downloads-page of this site. The medley on side B of this recording was also released on an LP containing songs from the province West-Vlaanderen ("Groeten uit West-Vlaanderen", Dureco Benelux, 66061).

Parsifal (no number): A: Perles de cristal (G.Hamel)
    Les filles de mon village (L.Maréchal)
    It's a long way to Tipperary (?)
    Ça c'est Paris (V.Scotto)
    Barcelona (?)
    Potpourri (misc.)
    Mazurka (?)
    Mazurka (?)
B: Yes sir, that's my baby (G.Kahn-W.Donaldson)
    Valse brune (G.Krier)
    Als de klok van Arnemuiden (R.Mengers-D.Van de Meer)
    Medley: Tinneke van Heule (E.Hullebroeck)
                Het loze vissertje (trad.)
                Smidje Smee (Liekenhof)
    Ballade van de Zuiderzee (trad.)
    Polka (?)
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