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Discography LH530 "Shaharazad"
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LH530 appears on two Marble Arch records and on one cassette (recorded by Huntcliff Recording Services). In my opinion, the organ plays too slowly on the LP's and too fast on the cassette, but all recordings clearly show that LH530 is one of the 'sweetest' Hooghuys organs still in existence. A single track (Gold und Silber) from the LP Marble Arch MALS1149 was reused on the LP "Stereo Spectacular - Volume 2" (Marble Archs MALS 1275).

Arrangements are by: Hooghuys factory (HS), Romain Charles Hooghuys (RCH), August Schollaert (AS), Arthur Prinsen (AP), Brian Oram (BO) or unknown (?).

Marble Arch MALS1149: A: With sword and lance (H.Starkes) (AS)
    Gold und Silber (Fr.Lehár) (AS)
    La tourterelle (E.Damaré) (AS)
    Valse militaire belge (L.Frémaux) (AS)
    Music Box Fantasy/Mountain Flower (?) (RCH)
B: En suivant la musique (Fr.Salabert) (AS)
    Echos des bois (E.Damaré) (HS)
    Paul Lincke selection (part one) (P.Lincke) (AS)
    McAlpine Fusiliers (D.Behan) (BO)

Marble Arch MALS1149
Marble Arch MALS1149
Marble Arch MALS1403: A: Alte Kameraden (C.Teike) (?)
    Küsshändchen (E.Norman) (RCH)
    Deutschmeister Regimentsmarsch (W.A.Jurek) (?)
    L'infatigable (J.Steurs) (AS)
    Unknown (?)
B: Paul Lincke selection (part two) (P.Lincke) (AS)
    Durch Nacht zum Licht (E.Laukien) (AS)
    Les patineurs (E.Waldteufel) (?)

Marble Arch MALS1403
Marble Arch MALS1403
HRS107: A: Canadian capers (G.Chandler-B.White-H.Cohen) (AP)
    In the shadows (H.Finck) (BO)
    Fiddle faddle (L.Anderson) (BO)
    Viens faire la file (J.Tischon) (HS)
    Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald, op.325 (J.Strauss jr.) (BO)
    'Minute'-waltz, op.64 no.1 (Chopin) (BO)
    Dance of the Comedians from "The bartered bride" (Smetana) (BO)
    Harpsichord suite no.5 extract from "The harmonious blacksmith" (G.F.Händel) (BO)
B: Happy birthday (R.M. & P.S.Hill) (BO)
    Drinking song (S.Romberg) (AP)
    Das ist die liebe der Matrosen (Heymann) (?)
    Perpetuum mobile, op.257 (J.Strauss jr.) (BO)
    Song of the dawn (M.Ager) (BO)
    Echos des bois (E.Damaré) (HS)
    España (E.Chabrier-E.Waldteufel) (AS)
    Post horn galop (Koenig) (BO)
    Wien bleibt Wien (J.Schrammel) (BO)
    Soldiers' dance from "William Tell" (G.Rossini) (BO)
    Suite for flute no.2 ('Badinerie'), BWV1067 (J.S.Bach) (BO)
    Silent worship from "Orpheus" (G.F.Händel) (BO)
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