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LH545 "l'Alexandre" was recorded by the C.John Mears Organisation in 1977. All arrangements on the record were made by Arthur Prinsen.

CJMO RLP774: A: Mechanical infantry (McBain)
    Semper fidelis (Sousa)
    The soldier's dream (Krier)
    Multi-medley (div.):
        I want to be happy
        Somebody loves me
        Tea for two
        April showers
        Carolina in the morning
        Pretty baby
        Toot toot Tootsie, goodbye
        I'm sitting on top of the world
        I'm looking over a four-leaf'd clover
        Baby face
        For me and my gal
        California, here I come
        Chinatown, my Chinatown
        Waiting for the Robert E.Lee
    Unter'n Linden (Kollo)
    Canadian capers (Chandler-White-Cohen)
B: Das muss ein Stück vom Himmel sein (Heymann)
    Die Liebe der Matrosen (Grothe)
    Ça c'est Paris (Padilla/Charles/Jordan)
    The trumpeter's lullaby (Anderson)
    Das gibt's nur einmal (?)
    The lancers (trad.)
    Il bacio (Arditi)
    Imperial echoes (Safroni)

LH545 can also be heard on an English LP from 1977, entitled "The Great Fair Organ Festival" (CJMO RLP773); the organ plays two tunes on this record: Twelfth street rag (E.L.Bowman) en Seventy-six trombones (M.Wilson). Both arrangements were made by Arthur Prinsen.

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