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Since LH615 appeared in the Museum van Speelklok tot Pierement (MStP) in Utrecht (NL), there have been several recordings of this organ, a.o. a 45rpm-EP as well as some LP's, cassettes and CD's with some individual tunes.

LH615 'made its debut' on a 45rpm-EP (110.532E) with arrangements by Romain Charles Hooghuys. The first tune on the B-side ("Seemann, …") is actually not a part of the potpourri: it is a separate book but it has been expertly mixed with the potpourri in the studio (in an almost unnoticeable way, that is …).

110.532E: A: Unter'n Linden (W.Kollo)
    Redskin rhumba (J.S.Zamecnik)
B: Potpourri:
        Seemann, deine Heimat ist das Meer (W.Scharfenberger)
        Ein Freund, ein guter Freund (W.Heymann/J.Gilbert)
        Valentine (H.Christiné/H.Willemetz)
        Valencia (J.Padilla/J.Boyer)
        Rose-Marie polka (R.Friml)
        Der lustige Kupferschmied (?)

The LP Phonogram 6810 425 "Speeldoos tot pierement - populaire melodieën" has two tracks played by the Hooghuys on the B-side: "Redskin charleston" (entitled "Redskin rhumba") and "Kid boogie woogie", both arranged by Romain Charles Hooghuys.

  Phonogram 6810425
Phonogram 6810 425

On three cassette tapes of the museum (vol.2 & 3 from the '70s and another one from the '90s), there are in total 7 tracks to be found (note the following: vol.2 has no number; vol.3 has the number 7402476; the third cassette has the number 6818072; none of the cassettes bear a label name).

Vol.2 - A-side: Foxtrot (?) (EH)
Caravanserail (E.Garciau) (RCH)
7402476 - B-side: Foxtrot (?) (EH)
Boogie woogie (?) (EH)
Maritza valse (J.L.Benech) (JH)
6818072 - B-side: Foxtrot 5016 (?) (EH)
Foxtrot 5019 (?) (EH)
LH615 can also be heard on two CD's of MStP:
Musical Memories:
La danza (G.Rossini) (Tom Meijer)

Christmas Bells:
Noël X (L.-Cl.Daquin) (Romke de Waard)
Ave Maria (J.S.Bach-Ch.Gounod) (Romain Charles Hooghuys)
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