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Only one record of LH605 "Condor" exists, but these recordings – made by Fonior in the workshop of Romain Charles Hooghuys in Zeebrugge– rank among the best ever made of any organ.
The original release (Decca LPD221-X (345)) has a black and white-photograph on the cover, not of LH605, but of LH600 (now owned by Andrew Watts in Bream (GB)). Both organs had a nearly identical façade and because there was no decent picture of LH605 available, the photo of LH600 was used. The second release (Omega LPX463) has a badly coloured version of the same picture on the cover; this version was also available in the UK on Decca Eclipse ECS-R 2128.

All arrangements on this record were made by Romain Charles Hooghuys. The LP also contains two of his own compositions: "Souvenir" ("Karlsohn" means nothing more than "son of Charles (Hooghuys)") and the magnificent "Tango del mamita", which Romain composed for his wife.

Decca LPD221-X (345): A: Blaze away (A.Holzmann)
    Tritsch tratsch Polka (J.Strauss jr.-F.Rover)
    Dunkelrote Rosen (C.Millöcker-F.Rover)
    Die Maus (P.Lincke)
    Souvenir (R.Hs.Karlsohn)
    Si tu vois ma tante (R.Nelson)
B: Radetschky Marsch (J.Strauss sr.-F.Rover)
    La java (M.Yvain)
    Unter'n Linden (W.Kollo)
    Call me back, pal o' mine (H.Dixon)
    Tango del mamita (R.Ch.Hooghuys)
    Valse bleue (A.Margis)

Decca LPD221-X (345)
Decca LPD221-X (345)
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